Well, here we go again…

I’ve been blogging for about 15 years. What began as a small attempt to publish wholesome messages online about home, family, motherhood etc. grew into a huge following throughout the world and something somewhat unmanageable for that particular stage of my life.

I’m now writing again, in WordPress, and have left blogger behind (with my many years of content). With the world as it is today, I know that some are attempting to disavow conservative and Christian voices online. I’ve been told that I’ll now own my own content in WordPress which will allay that concern.

My desire, as a person of faith, is to share honest messages that will uplift and bless, instead of those that tear down or hurt others’.

All of us have basic human needs. I believe that the ‘experts’ say we all have a need to be loved, to contribute, to be heard and understood, and to feel we belong.

Hopefully, this will be a place where people will feel safe reading those types of simple and sincere messages and they’ll have a desire to share the same.


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