Faith in Christ

“I believe in Christ, He is my King, With ALL my heart to Him, I’ll sing. I’ll raise my voice in Praise and Joy, with grand amens, my tongue employ. I believe in Christ, He is God’s son. On earth to dwell, His soul did come. He healed the sick; the dead he raised, Good works were His; His name be praised.”

Christ, Our Savior

This message of this beautiful hymn moves me deeply. It’s powerful truths have nourished my needy soul many times over the years.

“I Believe in Christ, He is My King”

In this day of trouble and tribulation, He is the One Who will bring us Peace. There is no need for us to fear if we are close to Him and living the way He has asked and taught us. He is the Source of All Truth, Light, Love, Comfort, Wisdom, Kindness, and Goodness. What a glorious blessing!

Many people in the world still don’t know where to turn for Peace, or where to find Solace. I share my own personal experience and witness that it is by and through Him! He lives. He is Real. He has a plan for us and came to earth to show us the way and to teach us how to live and how to learn to choose between good and evil, light and dark. That ‘agency’ to choose is the key to our eternal happiness. And, it will never be forced upon us. We get to choose what results we want long term and the path for how to receive those blessings.

So much of sadness and sorrow in this world could be avoided if we’d live those correct principles.

Elder Ronald R. Rasband taught: “Our lives are like a chessboard, and the Lord moves us from one place to another—if we are responsive to spiritual promptings. Looking back, we can see His hand in our lives.”

Through years of study, ponder, experience and learning from personal mistakes, I know for myself that these things are true. In some of my deepest sorrow I have been comforted by Him. In times of great trial and heartache, I have turned to Him for truth, comfort, guidance and correction. He has never failed me. At times when I have felt most alone, I still knew that He was there for me and that I would, someday, feel that peace again. He has also guided me to greater light and knowledge.

In this time of upheaval throughout the world, let us make a greater effort to learn of Him and to #HearHim. For, He wants us to! And….we will be more greatly blessed than we may now realize, if we do so.


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