#GiveThanks – Freedom

Today I give thanks for the most meaningful things and reasons for my life: My God, My Faith, My Country. I cherish the Freedoms we have. They are priceless and won through much blood and sacrifice. Through the inspiration of God, The Constitution of this Land was established; and will remain so if we remain true to its’ principles.

I am grateful and #givethanks to Almighty God for all He has done for us; to provide us a way to learn of Him, worship Him and prepare ourselves to someday return to His presence.

I’m grateful for family and friends who also cherish this Liberty and the blessings we have for religious freedom and thought. I’m grateful for those who are currently fighting to protect those freedoms and pledge my continual support of the same.

Photo 40470151 © Olivier Le QueinecDreamstime.com

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